TikTok: Fans outraged as Acire Kane appears to be hit by her boyfriend

Acire Kane
Screenshot of Tiktok account of Acire Kane @kaneacire

Acire Kane was live on TikTok when she appeared to be hit by her boyfriend. You can hear her crying and asking him to stop.

Although Acire Khan was live on TikTok when she was hit, a lot of people were recording it.

The video shows that she was simply taking a live video when a man, allegedly her boyfriend, hits her while telling her to stop playing with him. The man also calls her the B-word and tells her to leave. At this point, Acire is crying, saying that she is leaving while asking him to stop. All the while, the live video is still on and you can see how shocked her fans are.

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Fans are showing support and outrage across social media. There were some people on live video commenting while this was going on saying “hello? 911” and “wait what’s going on”. But that was not all.

This video found its way on YouTube and its garnering support. Fans not only feel bad about this but are confused as to why this is happening? Why is she with him if he is abusive? Was this the first time or does this happen often?

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Fans sympathize with Acire and support her, urging her to leave her boyfriend, if it is him in the video.

Screenshot from Twitter account of @diordavincii

Let’s make a stand against domestic abuse and support Acire Kane.