Instagram: How to get the Pillow Face Filter – Twitter reacts to botox filter


Instagram filters have taken over the app and the latest one gives you a lip filler, without actually getting one. Here’s how to get Pillow Face Filter!

Ever since Kylie Jenner got lip filler in 2015 at the age of 17, fillers have become a trend. Cosmetic surgery is very common nowadays among young people and social media beauty filters have been motivating users to get things done to their face to look flawless. At the same time, filters help you pretend you did get a botox when in reality you didn’t, skipping the painful process and saving some money!

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What is the Pillow Face Filter on Instagram?

The Pillow Face filter on Instagram, which is also known as the “botox filter,” became popular after several celebrities starting using it, including Sophie Turner and Rita Ora.

Using this Instagram filter, the lips of a person are plumped out as if they have lip fillers, while it also gives the illusion that they have had botox.

This filter was created by @jhoyaugust, who is the filter creator of many Instagram effects. J. Augusto decided to name the filter “Pillow Face,” probably because it makes you look swollen as if you just woke up.

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How to get the Pillow Face filter on Instagram

  • To get the Pillow Face Filter, firstly open the Instagram app.
  • Click on “Your story” at the left top corner of your homepage.
  • Then, slide through all the Instagram filters until you get to the magnifying glass at the end and click on it.
  • Press the magnifying glass at the right top corner of the screen and search “Pillow Face.”
  • The filter “Pillow Face” by jhonyaugust will appear, click on it.
  • You will then get an overview of the filter. Click “try it” at the bottom left corner of the screen.
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  • Once you try the “Pillow Face” filter, to save the effect, click the name of the filter at the bottom middle of the screen and then press the “save effect” button.

Twitter reacts to the “Pillow Face” filter

Twitter users have been sharing themselves using Instagram’s “Pillow Face” filter and the feelings are mixed.
One wrote: ““Pillow face” filter on Instagram. Terrifying,” while another one joked: “So there’s this pillow face filter on IG. I posted a selfie that said allergic reaction and I’m a little shocked how many people thought I was for real!”

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Here are a few more playful Twitter reactions to the “Pillow Face” filter!

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