TikTok: Take it take it hold my head when I shake it – song explored!

Screenshot from @re.hhxh TikTok

Big Homie Ty.Ni’s lyrics ‘take it take it hold my head when I shake it’ are currently featured in a trending TikTok dance. Creators are loving the song ‘Jelly’ as this fun audio is being used in various content circling the app.

This article explores the song Jelly and its crazy lyrics along with the amazing TikTok dance. Continue reading below to find out all you need to know about this trending tune as we provide incredible examples, a dance tutorial and more!

What is the take it take it TikTok Song?

Jelly is a popular song by Big Homie Ty.Ni, a musical artist involved in the hip-hop/rap genre.

The song includes the famous lyrics ‘take it take it hold my head when I shake it’ which are currently taking TikTok by storm.

A clean version of the entire lyrics can be found in the YouTube video below.

On Spotify, Jelly currently has over 750,000 streams.

Over on TikTok, Jelly features in over 500,000 videos and is full of insane content, varying from dances to lip-sync videos and more!

Take it take it TikTok dance examples

The TikTok dance which is paired with Jelly involves a lot of shaking your body since the entire song refers to jiggling the booty like jelly! 💃

A user named @calliiiiiiiiiiiiiii uploaded a video of her and a friend taking part in the trending dance.

@re.hhxh also got involved with the Jelly dance and gained over nine million views.

Wondering how to do this TikTok dance? We’ve got you covered!

@tiktoktutorials1978 uploaded a simple tutorial video showing how to do this trending dance!


“Jelly” – Big Homie Ty.Ni (take it) dance tutorial🤪🍒 dc: @megankdavenport @eliaatterson #fyp #takeit #NespressoTalents #dancetutorials #dance #duet

♬ original sound – 🤍🤍

Although, there are many variations of the performance, so feel free to switch it up!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out this trending TikTok dance!

More TikTok examples featuring Jelly song

But, wait! The take it take it song isn’t only used for dance videos!

TikTok users also pair this trending tune with usual content.

@quenblackwell gained over five million views on a video whereby she lip-synced along to the lyrics of Jelly.

@bigyuyu17 paired the tune with a hilarious upload that involved the creator acting out a scenario that fits perfectly with the lyrics of Jelly.


It’ll make it way easier💀💀 (ib: @ulani61)

♬ Jelly – Big Homie Ty.Ni

Another user named @logancoleeee simply used the audio in a funny upload providing a unique way to style a mullet.

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