Why did Yoatzi and Jessie break up? YouTube couple in shock split!

Screenshot from @jessieandraade TikTok

After years together, YouTube stars Yoatzi and Jessie have openly addressed that they have broken up.

Many of their supporters are concerned as multiple Instagram stories were posted regarding the break up.

Read below to find out just why this couple’s relationship came to an end.

Who are Yoatzi and Jessie?

Yoatzi Castro is a 25-year-old YouTube Star (@Yoatzi) with 677K subscribers.

Jessie Andrade, 30-years-old, is also a YouTube content creator (@Jessie Andrade) with 29K subscribers.

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The pair have a four-year-old son together (@traviiskniight on Instagram).

As a family, the three often create content online together, such as Youtube videos:

As well as Instagram content, there are many uploads of the three taking part in TikTok trends such as dance-challenges:

Why did they break up?

Due to content that has been posted online, it is indicated that Jessie may have allegedly cheated on his girlfriend.

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Yoatzi has previously taken to her Instagram stories to address the break up as she stated:

“My relationship has come to an end and I’m so done.”

Content creator, @PanchoDoesItBetter uploaded a Youtube video explaining what may have happened between the couple.

The video contains the full message on Yoatzi’s Instagram story which suggests her partner was caught cheating.

What has happened since the break-up announcement?

Rumours have circulated the internet which suggest the couple have gotten back together, Yoatzi responded to these speculations on her Instagram story:

Screenshot from @Yoatzi Instagram story

Along with many other uploads which highlight his dark thoughts, Jessie shared an Instagram post saying goodbye to his wife and son:

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A post shared by @btsjessiie

He has also taken to his Instagram story to explain that despite all of the problems, he still loves and cares for Yoatzi:

Screenshot from @btsjessiie Instagram Story

Yoatzi also uploaded a Youtube video whereby she subtly discussed her recent toxic breakup.

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Although Yoatzi did not explicitly mention her ex-boyfriend’s name in the video, she spoke around the topic and quoted:

“It’s been a very difficult time for me.”

Yoatzi confirms Jessie break-in at her home

Watsonville Police Department (@watsonvillepd) stated that Jessie Andrade is now facing several charges after he broke into Yoatzi’s home and pointed a gun at her, their son and his ex-girlfriend’s father.

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A post shared by Watsonville Police Department (@watsonvillepd)

Jessie Andrade was arrested shortly before 10:30 a.m (EST) on Wednesday, January 20th, by the department’s Special Response Team members.

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Youtube star, Yoatzi, then shared this post to her Instagram story confirming that she and her son are now safe:

Screenshot from @Yoatzi Instagram Story

Yoatzi has since taken to social media to thank her fans for their support while she expressed her fear during the incident:

“Thank you all for all of the blessings, love, and support that is being sent to my family. Words can’t explain how I felt during that moment, but I am beyond thankful that God and my grandparents in Heaven gave me the strength necessary to survive and protect my son. Your support means everything to me and my family during these crazy times,” she wrote. “But we’re all OK and things will get better…”