Meet Lilly Symone from Does The Shoe Fit season 4 – age and job revealed!

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Lilly Symone appeared on season 4 of Foot Asylum’s Does The Shoe Fit, going on dates with Chunkz, Filly, Harry Pinero and Konan. How did the dates go and who is she?

This series of the YouTube dating show has ended and the results episode showing what the girls and boys thought of each other has been released. We found Lilly, the first of the three girls to go speed-dating, to find out more about her.

Who is Lily Symone?

Lilly Symone is 28 years old and lives in Basingstoke. She has recently started a make-up channel on YouTube. Her first video is a make-up tutorial for “broke bitches/ wonky face”, as she describes it.

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She captioned the video, “I realise no one makes my nose look nice unless I do the contour myself so this tutorial is perfect for wonky noses. I don’t take myself too serious so please don’t either it’s meant to be a bit of fun.”

Lilly has linked her YouTube channel to her Instagram, so it is possible she has plans to share more videos and tutorials in the near future.

What is her job?

Lily is a model, extra, actress and personality. Her Instagram is currently private but she does have 2k followers and includes an email for model bookings in her bio.

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She appeared on episode 1 of Does The Shoe Fit season 4, saying she was looking for a fun and loyal boyfriend. Her episode has received over 3 million views.

How did her dates go?

Date 1: Chunkz

Lilly: “My date with Chunkz, I think it was good. It was like a friendly chat. I don’t think there’s much chemistry there, but he’s a lovely person.”

It seems Chunkz felt the same way.

Date 2: Konan

Lilly: “I think he went a bit too far for a first date. He was asking me questions I didn’t really want to reveal the answer to. I felt like it was a job interview.”

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Konan asked, “where can I get my rose back? She deserves grass, I want my rose back.”

Date 3: Harry

Lilly: “We left a bit of a puddle on the floor. I could’ve gone on a date all night with him to be honest.”

Harry said, “I don’t want to hear no more.”

Date 4: Filly

Lilly: “He came with the smallest dick energy to be fair. He was quite rude, yeah… I’d never really speak to Filly again if I’m honest. It was quite dry.”

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The boys replayed her saying that several times, laughing and jumping behind the sofa.

Looks like there won’t be a second date for Lilly this time round.