TikTok: 24th April National Day drama explained

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Screenshot from TikTok @jrose32002

TikTokers are slamming a disturbing rumor that has been surfacing the app these past few weeks. Users are trying to spread awareness in case this isn’t a joke and people take it seriously.

In this article, we will discuss what exactly ‘April 24th day’ is, and how TikTok users aren’t taking these rumors lightly.

TW: This article discusses sexual violence.

What is happening on April 24th?

April 24th day was created by 6 males on TikTok, who have claimed that on this day it is legal to sexually assault anybody, and have provided ‘tips’ on how this could be carried out.

They have tried to make this a national day, carried out by everybody.

You have to be pretty messed up to make jokes about such a serious topic, and post this on an app that is made for people to enjoy themselves and have fun.

Jokes are supposed to be funny, and there’s definitely nothing funny about sexual violence.

TikTok users slam April 24th day

TikTok users are finding it so frustrating that in 2021 there are people joking about significant issues such as this.

TikTok user @nohugsband points out how triggering this rumour is to victims and survivors of sexual violence.

Some users are warning others to stay safe on April 24th, in case people are planning on taking this sick national day seriously.

@jkc0s.error warns users this isn’t the first time people have tried to create a national day that involves sexual assault.

Is this real?

This worrying rumour has caused distress on TikTok with users wondering whether to believe it or not.

We seriously doubt this is real, and the boys who created this national day most likely were joking and thought it was funny (which it’s not).

But it’s important that this topic is being talked about and made aware of as sexual violence is something that shouldn’t ever happen to anybody and needs to be taken way more seriously.

It’s so sad that in today’s day and age we have to protect ourselves against this, but you should always be careful and protect yourself and those around you.

Let us know what you think. Could this possibly be real?!