TikTok: Hit It Fortnite dance explored with amazing examples!

Screenshot from @nanacool8 TikTok

Fortnite has released a new emote that features the Hit It dance and TikTok is going crazy! Everyone wants to know how to access the new dance feature and where it originated.

In this article, we explore the Hit It Fortnite dance in attempt to find out what the hype is all about. Keep reading to discover all you need to know about this emote along with how to get it as we provide incredible TikTok examples!

What is the Hit It Fortnite dance?

Hit the Quan, also referred to as Hit It, is a song by artist iLoveMemphis.

The tune is used in a popular TikTok dance that is now being featured in a recent Fortnite emote.

@lovelyisminee uploaded footage of the emote which features the dance.

@tdfw.shot is the proud creator of the “HIT THE QUAN” dance.

The user took to TikTok to express his happiness as he capitalised his caption which announced the Fortnite news to viewers.


Yoo my dance “HIT THE QUAN” is on @fortnite .. MY DANCE IS ON FORTNITE🔥😱 #fyp #foryou #viral #xyzbca #fortnite

♬ Hit the Quan (Original Version) – iLoveMemphis

The popular hashtag #hititemote currently has over 150,000 views in total.

How to get the Hit It Fornite dance

On Fortnite, the emote costs 500 V-Bucks to purchase.

Over on YouTube, Brani uploaded a video explaining how to get the new Hit It emote for free.

A TikTok creator named @m4nny_yt is giving his viewers the chance to be gifted this emote on Fortnite.

By following the simple instructions listed in the video, you could be gifted this new Fortnite emote!

Keep scrolling for some great TikTok examples!

Amazing TikTok examples

A TikTok user named @nanacool8 uploaded footage of five Fortnite characters doing the new Hit It dance.


If you want to support me use code nanacool8 in the shop to cop the new emote ❤️🔥🔥🔥 #fortnite #nanacool8 #fortniteemote #fortnitedance #itemshop

♬ Hit the Quan (Original Version) – iLoveMemphis

@code_brenden also shared a creative TikTok video of the dance on Fortnite.


Hit The Quan 👀 • Your second @ has to gift you the new emote 😳 #fortnite #code_brenden

♬ Hit the Quan (Original Version) – iLoveMemphis

Another user named @xdvepex shared the Hit It dance emote.

@fortl3gends took to TikTok to state that by using the code FORTL3GENDS you can get the new emote!

Featuring three different Fortnite characters, @monopolyfn also uploaded a video of the dance onto TikTok.

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Go ahead and check out the new Fortnite Hit It dance!