TikTok: Beyonce challenge explained with best attempts

Photo by Harry Shelton on Unsplash

Let’s get to know the new challenge that is going on TikTok – the Beyonce challenge – and learn how to get on it asap.

Exploring TikTok’s Beyonce challenge

You would think that this challenge would be related to dancing to the awesome music produced by Beyonce but has more to do with her voice.

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It is a challenge to see how well you could sing like Beyonce. Sounds exciting, right? If you are a singer or have a nice voice then this is a challenge you need to try out.

If not, you could still have fun by recording your friends and family attempts and posting the compilation. Scroll below to check out how this challenge is done by the TikTokers.

The lyrics of the countdown songs that you have to sing –

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Damn I think I love that boy
Do anything for that boy
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Now I’ll never be the same
It’s you and me until the end

the tricky part is singing the “boy” which is the real challenge. People are posting their attempts, the versions of the attempts before the real one, attempts of friends and family, etc.

Below are some of the TikTok videos that got the most traction on this challenge. There are various challenges on the hashtag #beyoncechallenge, a dance challenge, a song challenge, and a lot of challenges with Beyonce-related material in it. But all of them amount to 473 million views on this hashtag alone.

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