TikTok: Who is Isabelle Ingham? Age, famous family and five facts!

Screenshot,YouTube SassyBelle
Screenshot, YouTube - SassyBelle

Isabelle Ingham is not the only young internet personality to join TikTok, so what type of videos will she be sharing? With 229k followers and counting, she is certainly making a name for herself.

Find out the age of the TikTok star, as well as five interesting facts about her life and her famous family!

Who is Isabelle Ingham?

Isabelle Ingham is the eldest daughter of the UK YouTube family, The Ingham Family, who have over 1.3 million subscribers. The Leeds-based family has been vlogging and sharing their lives with online fans since August 2016.

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Her parents, Sarah and Chris, have three daughters and one son and are now watching their eldest daughter flourish on social media by herself. The family’s YouTube channel is used to over 100k views for each video, so Isabelle has been in the public eye for a long time.

Despite having two TikTok accounts, @issiecam and @therealsassybelle, Isabelle has not posted on TikTok since 2018. She used to post vlogs, make-up tutorials and duets with other users. However, she is much more active on her Instagram account, @isabelleinghamofficial, where she shares photos of herself and her holidays.

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How old is she?

Isabelle Ingham is 15 years old and is currently being homeschooled. Her younger sisters are 11 and 8, and her baby brother is 1. Her family and their life have been well-documented online and fans have watched her grow up via their channel. They either vlog or post on social media every day.

Five fast facts:

1. Her siblings are called Esmé, Isla and Jace.

2. The family have a dog called Prinny.

3. Isabelle has her own YouTube channel called @SassyBelle with 301k subscribers.

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4. Family merch can be purchased on the Ifam store.

5. She has a different biological father to her siblings who she no longer sees.