TikTok: Where to buy the Dancing Cactus Toy!

Screenshot,TikTok @jaybeliew
Screenshot, TikTok - @jaybeliew123

There is a dancing cactus toy on TikTok and it has lots of fans wondering where they can find one. Are you in need of some Christmas gift ideas? TikTok seems as good a place as any to start looking.

We’ve found out exactly what this toy does and where you can find one so you don’t have to.

What is the Dancing Cactus?

The dancing cactus that has appeared on TikTok starts moving and wiggling when it’s arm, or branch, is pressed. There are different versions of the toys who all have different accessories and sing different songs.

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The Christmas edition dances to the popular festive song, Feliz Navidad, and has proven to be a fan favourite on TikTok. The cactus first found fame on @gobypizza TikTok account, though she had a different model of the toy. Fans enjoy funny videos of the cactus dancing to popular songs.

Where to buy the Dancing Cactus

The Dancing Cactus, now that it has found fame, might be difficult to find. There are even Reddit threads asking where to find the toy and what it does.

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Some fans have noticed the toy’s similarities to Pickle Rick, a toy based on the series Rick and Morty. However, the animated cactus in a Christmas outfit can be found on eBay. You can also find the toy on Amazon, along with several other cactus-themed toys.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a dancing cactus!