Instagram: Is the password reset text from 32665 a scam?

Screenshot,Unsplash neonbrand
Screenshot, Unsplash - neonbrand

Many people have received a text from the number 32665 asking them to reset their Instagram password. It is always important to check if these accounts are real before offering any personal details.

Is the text a scam? Is 32665 an Instagram number? Find out more.

What does the password reset message say?

Instagram users have reported a text message which says, ‘Tap here to reset your Instagram password’ with a link attached. The link starts with “” but people have rightly suspected that something fishy is going on.

If Instagram want to contact their users to ask them to reset their password for any reason, it would be done via email from an official Instagram email address. If you click the link, it will take you to your own Instagram page. However, this is not encouraged as it is unclear what data the scammers are collecting.

Is 32665 really Instagram?

No, the 32665 number is not Official Instagram and many people do not even register their Instagram accounts with their mobile number. If you have received a text from this number asking you to reset your password, ignore or report the text.

Instagram recently added a feature in your settings where you can track all recent communication from the app itself, and can therefore identify the difference between scams and real emails. To get there, simply go to Settings > Security > Emails from Instagram.