TikTok: How to get the Marvel lookalike filter!

Screenshot from TikTok @stellarogs

There are always new, fun filters released by TikTok… But some people are finding new ways to use and reinvent the old ones!

I think we can all agree that we love a good filter. Whether it’s to make you look better in the morning or a fun filter to try with friends, they’re great to use at all ages.

TikTok users have been using a filter to see which Marvel character they look the most like, below we’ll discuss how with examples of how you can get involved!

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What is the Marvel lookalike filter?

TikTok users and Marvel fans are loving TikTok’s filter which lets them see which Marvel character they look like.

However, this filter isn’t new… It’s actually TikTok’s ‘Shapeshifting’ filter which has been around for almost a year!

TikTokers have been using this filter for a while to see if they look like their favourite celebrity’s. Now it’s the Marvel fans turn…

How to get the filter on TikTok

You may be wondering how you can get involved in the fun, here’s how!

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First, you want to go onto google and find a picture of all of the Marvel characters together in a collage. If you can’t find one, there’s plenty you could use from other people’s TikToks!

Next you want to open your TikTok app and click discover.

Then, type in ‘ShapeShifting’ in the search bar.

You should see an option for ‘effects’, click this and you will find the ShapeShifting filter!

Click on this filter and then click the red record button.

This will now allow you to film with the filter, so you should then upload the picture of the marvel characters which you found in step one, and then you’re ready to get filming!

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Marvel lookalike filter examples!

Here’s some of our favourite examples of TikTok users trying the filter!

Some users were surprised which character the filter chose for them…

Now it’s your turn, get involved and give it a go!