TikTok: Who is Blueberry Toast? Get to know the NSF online star!

Screenshot from TikTok @blue.berry.toast

Blueberry Toast is on the road to quickly become a TikTok star through her NSFW content. Let’s see what the hype is all about.

Blueberry toast, or Lia Blue, has just made an account on TikTok in January 2021 and she has already amassed a huge following. She is famous on a lot of social media platforms and has other accounts that you should know about.

Who is Blueberry toast?

Lia Blue is “Gamer Grill” (as written on her TikTok bio) who posts content on a lot of social media platform since January 2021 and gained a huge following.

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It is unclear if her name is Lia Blue or just Lia and blue is for her blue hair. This TikToker is obsessed with the blue color as it is in her name, username, and hair.

She has not revealed anything about her family or any personal details except that she lives in Las Vegas right now. Through her social media following, she gets followers for her OnlyFans page and P*rnHub account through which she earns.

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Her TikTok and other accounts

You can check out sexy and sensual videos on TikTok (@blue.berry.toast) to see if you would like to go support her on her OnlyFans page (@lia_bluemoon) like her 280k followers.

She has two Instagram accounts(@blue.berry.toast and @blueberry.toast) where she posts pictures of herself and a few TikTok videos as well to her 53k followers.

On Twitter (@Lia_Bluemoon), she gets the most clout out of all her social media because she has 170k followers despite the fact that her account is so difficult to find due to the name she used.

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Recently, she started a Twitch account (@liablueberry) but has not uploaded any videos yet. She only streams live and it is only for mature audiences. You can go check her out and check out her gaming skills. Another place where you can see her is on P*rnhub account (@lia_blue).

What are your thoughts on her content?