TikTok: Silvana Mojica – Who is this Viral Star?

silvana mojica tiktok

Silvana Mojica is a famous TikTok personality that rose to fame on social media. Let’s find out more!

Many of you have heard of Silvana Mojica before on TikTok, but now let’s take a closer look at her fabulous life! She is the wife of famous entrepreneur and blogger David Portnoy. She is also a model and also works in marketing as well.

Silvana Mojica – What’s her Age?

Teens are drooling over Silvana Mojica on TikTok and it is easy to see why. She has a unique style and she loves to share beautiful travel pics from all over the world with her fans. She was born on April 8, 1995, so she is now 26 years old. Her astrological sign is Aries. She grew up in Colombia and went to school in the United States. 

The beautiful and talented Silvana has a Marketing degree from Florida State University. According to LinkedIn, the social media star currently works at Florida’s Giti Incorporation in the marketing department. And she is very busy!

Silvana is David Portnoy’s Girlfriend

David Portnoy is a famous personality and blogger. He is also the founder of Barstool Sports. David and Silvana were first spotted at a club in Magic City and their party pics went viral online. 

Silvana and David are regularly spotted on Instagram looking fabulous and this could only boost Silvana’s rising modeling career!

More on Silvana Mojica

You can find this sweetheart on TikTok at @silvanamojicaz and Instagram at @silvanamojica. She’s the face of many New York magazines and promotes multiple fashion and make-up brands on social media. 

Thanks to her talent, beauty and growing following, she will get a lot of attention and money in the near future!