Snapchat Birthday is so fun! Celebrate all your friends’ special days!


Introducing Snapchat Birthdaythe most heart-warming way to celebrate your friends special day with Snapchat Minis!

Stay tuned to learn more about how to celebrate your friend’s birthday on Snapchat in a unique way.

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Birthdays are wonderful, but they’re much more so when they’re enjoyed with the people you care about.

Snapchat is offering a fun new tool for users to track and celebrate their friends’ birthdays. This new Snapchat Birthday Mini lets you see a list of all the people you follow on the app’s impending birthdays in one location. You can sort them by the day they’re due or by the signs of the zodiac.

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Snap introduced the Minis feature last summer, along with this tool to celebrate your birthday on Snapchat. You can find this one, like all other Minis, by hitting the rocket icon on Snapchat or searching for it individually.

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The hidden feature of Snapchat birthdays:

The Mini will not display your friend’s birth year or actual age for privacy reasons. Other Snapchat users will not be able to see the same information about you. You won’t see the birthdays of friends who haven’t given their permission for them to be displayed in the app.

Lens sharing:

Snapchat’s Birthday Mini is the first to integrate lens sharing, which lets you unlock special themed lenses that you can give as snaps to friends or use in your stories. They can swipe up to join the Mini if they notice them in those situations.

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To be fair, it’s a minor feature improvement, but it makes keeping track of everyone’s big day a little easier. Previously, Snap would display an emoji in your friend’s feed to signify that they were celebrating their birthday. You can start using the Birthday Mini right now!

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