Instagram: 40 perfect captions for your 21st birthday

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For some countries, 21 is the legal drinking age which means that 21st birthday is an Instagram-worthy moment that needs fun captions.

Funny Instagram captions for 21st birthday posts

  1. It’s my 21st birthday, and I can wine if I want to.
  2. Sometimes, sip happens on your birthday.
  3. This is what leveling up looks like.
  4. Agent of chaos for 21 years.
  5. It’s my 21st birthday. I guess there’s a thirst time for everything.
  6. “Turned my birthday into a lifestyle.” — Drake, “Pop Style”
  7. Let the birthday festivities be gin.
  8. “If life gives you limes, make margaritas.” — Jimmy Buffett
  9. It’s my birthday, but I’m gifting you all with this present.
  10. Only 21, but forever the mom of the group.
  11. Cheers and beers to 21 years.
  12. Start of Season 21 with the best co-stars I could have ever asked for.
  13. Feeling unstoppable at 21 with this crew by my side.
  14. Only took 21 years to get this cute.
  15. Age 21 but forever the baby of the group.
  16. My age is not just a number. It’s my experience on planet Earth.
  17. Start from the bottom now I am 21.
  18. 21 and legal proceed with caution.
  19. “There is still no cure for the common birthday.” — John Glenn
  20. “My time, my wine, my spirit, my trust.” — Taylor Swift, “Death By A Thousand Cuts”
  21. Why yes, you can see my ID.
  22. Officially 21, but still mentally about five.
  23. “A birth date is a reminder to celebrate the life as well as to update the life.” — Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words
  24. Gifts are one way of telling that I remember your birthday.
  25. At 21 everything is possible and tomorrow looks friendly
  26. On this day, a queen was born.
  27. Every day I sparkle, but today I rule.
  28. Hugs and kisses and a lot of birthday wishes
  29. I’m not getting older. I’m getting better.
  30. I have mixed drinks about turning 21.
  31. I sparkle like a birthday candle.
  32. 21? Who cares. I just want cake.
  33. “The party don’t start till I walk in.” — Kesha, “TiK ToK”
  34. Shoutout to my mama who was in labor 21 years ago.
  35. Be careful what you wish for… My parents wished for me 21 years ago and look where that ended up.
  36. Happy beer-th day to me.
  37. Tonight, I’m only chasing drinks and dreams.
  38. Drinking may not be the answer, but it’s worth a shot.
  39. Having a pitcher-perfect birthday
  40. Been pre-gaming 20 years for this moment.
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