Snapchat: What does it mean when someone puts “SU” in their story?

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Scroll below to find out what is the full form of SU on Snapchat and why people put it in their Snapchat stories. Once you know it, you will be able to use it too!

What does “SU” mean on a Snapchat story?

On a lot of social media where less text is more, SU is used to say “Shut up” but that’s not what it means on Snapchat.

As a user of Snapchat, you must be aware that the platform offers a function of adding links to the Swipe up option. This way if people swipe up from your story, they can go to the link that you have put up.

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So when someone adds a link that they want to refer you to, which most organizations and social media influencers do, then they will put an “SU” tag on the story.

In short, the meaning and usage of SU on Snapchat is to ask you to “Swipe up” to their links.

Users use SU to either ask people to open links; open DMs and chat with them; or they are playing some sort of swipe up game and want you to join in which they post a list of some sorts and you will have to reply with a certain option.

Other meanings of SU

Although that is the usage on Snapchat, SU is commonly used across all social media to express excitement with the meaning of “Shut up”.

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For example –
Janet: Ricki asked me out on Saturday.
Sarah: SU!

People also sometimes use SU at the end of a conversation to say “See You” but why do they need to use a ‘U’ instead of a ‘Y’ for you is a mystery we cannot unravel. It would make sense to either say “SY” in abbreviation or “CU” to shorten the sounds but off you go!


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