TikTok: What does Ice In My Veins mean? Trend explained with amazing examples!

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The expression ‘Ice In My Veins’ has been trending on TikTok for a while now and users are beginning to wonder about its true meaning as creators are symbolising the phrase within popular uploads.

In this article, we explore the meaning of Ice In My Veins in an attempt to discover just why it is trending on TikTok. Keep reading to discover what exactly this trending term means as we provide amazing explanations and examples!


D’Lo has ice in his veins 👀🥶 #dlo #dloading #iceinmyveins #nba (via effxcts / IG)

♬ original sound – DUNK | BASKETBALL

What does Ice In My Veins mean on TikTok?

The phrase Ice In My Veins is currently spiralling the internet as TikTok users are referencing the expression within their videos.

Website named Merriam Webster define the phrase as:

“The ability to remain very calm and controlled in a situation in which other people would become upset or afraid I can’t believe how calm she was the whole time.”

By pointing to the veins in your arms, this symbolises having ice in your veins.

The popular TikTok hashtag #iceinmyveins currently has over 11.5 million views and is full of content surrounding the phrase.

A user named @cody_william_writer explained the trending arm pose in a recent upload.

Keep reading to find out where this expression originated!

Where did the Ice In My Veins trend originate?

The popular expression originated from an NBA Lakers player named D’Angelo Russell as he used ‘Ice In My Veins’ as his celebration pose.

Russell’s father would use this expression as a child to prepare him for big moments; explaining that he had to have “ice in his veins”.

@islettagency briefly explained this as she responded to a confused user.

Another user named @alexisinperil also described the meaning of the post and expression.



♬ original sound – Alex can’t function

@mikelikesike uploaded footage of the NBA player symbolising the expression in celebration.

@dunk also shared edited footage of D’Angelo celebrating using his Ice In My Veins pose.


D’Lo has ice in his veins 👀🥶 #dlo #dloading #iceinmyveins #nba (via effxcts / IG)

♬ original sound – DUNK | BASKETBALL

Ice in my veins TikTok examples

A creator named @darrenhagan_ reenacted a sports situation using the expression.

@naomeme.exe also symbolised the expression in an upload.

A user named @oyun__kh uploaded footage of D’Angelo using the celebration.

Zay Smoove (@smoovefam) performed as D’Angelo Russell in a 2020 TikTok video.

Head over to TikTok for more amazing content surrounding the Ice In My Veins expression!


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