What is the meaning of ‘OF’ on TikTok?

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TikTok users have the habit of coming up with new lingo and abbreviations. So what is the meaning of the new word ‘OF’ on the platform?

There are several different meanings of ‘OF’ when it comes to TikTok. Let us walk you through the most common ones.

Meaning of ‘OF’ on TikTok

One of the most common ways people use OF on TikTok is to say “Oh F*ck” in short. Anything that is said too often on this platform is abbreviated.

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So it is not surprising that something like “Oh F*ck” is abbreviated to just OF. TikTokers use OF in captions to explain their video or they use it in comments to express their emotions.

For example – Someone can comment just “OF” on your video that shows that you played Khaleel’s Hey Lol and someone recognized the P*rnHub intro.

The comment shows how shocked or surprised the commentator is in just two alphabets.

Another meaning explained

OnlyFans is a popular website where the TikTok star that you like or the couple will do live shows which can be pornographic.

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You can see the person you like do those shows just for you for a fee. This is used by a lot of TikTokers. People discuss this website a lot on TikTok.

Since the platform has a strict policy against pornographic content, the TikTokers share the OnlyFans details here and redirect their audience to a more personal page on OnlyFans or OF.

Slang examples

In the Urban dictionary, there are various full-forms of “OF”. Some of them are “Occasional F*ck”, “Odd Future”, and “Old Fatty”.

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But OF is most commonly used for “Oh F*ck” and “OnlyFans”.

Example – “OF! Not that again, man! (for Oh F*ck)

“Check out her OF site” (for Only Fans)