How to play Bitmoji Paint on Snapchat – crazy TikTok responses!

Screenshot from @kvng.myahh TikTok.

Snapchat has recently released Bitmoji Paint, a multi-player online painting game, and everyone wants to know how to play!

Social media users are remaining entertained by collectively-designing the game-map.

Continue reading below to find out why there is so much hype surrounding this game and how you can play!

What is Bitmoji Paint?

The popular messaging app, Snapchat, released their latest game feature which involves Bitmoji – the app’s customisable avatars.

Bitmoji allows users to create a digital version of themselves that represents them and offers an escape from reality as they explore the online world.

On the app, Snapchat describes the game using the phrase:

“This is one giant canvas that every Snapchatter can join and paint on.”

Bitmoji Paint places players on a huge pixelated grid and allows them to paint those squares as a shared canvas.

Once finished, simply zoom out and pixel art has been designed.

Many social media platforms are raving about this mini-game.

Popular TikTok hashtag, #bitmojipaint, currently has 3.4 million views and is filled with content surrounding the fun game.

TikTok user, @kvng.myahh, briefly explained the mini-game in an upload.

Go ahead and draw anything you want with coloured squares!

How to play Bitmoji Paint on Snapchat

In order to access this fantastic new game, you’ll need to ensure you’re logged into the latest updated version of Snapchat.

As you open the app, you are first introduced with the camera screen, simply swipe to the left and your notification list will appear.

Now, head over to the search icon (grey magnifying-glass symbol) and search ‘Bitmoji Paint’ into the search bar.

TikTok user named @snowflake_eliminators, uploaded a short tutorial video including another way to access the mini-game.

Once the game has loaded, a welcome screen will show up.

Locate the blue ‘Next’ bar and agree to the statements which display the terms and conditions.

Snapchatters are encouraged to report anything that may violate the app’s Community Guidelines.

You will then be presented with an animated globe, which represents different servers available to join with hundreds of players.

Select an ‘island’ to travel to, and once flown to your chosen location, begin painting!

Bitmoji Paint also provides a voice chat function, enabling you to talk to your friends while doodling.

No time to finish? No problem! Creations persist, allowing you to continue working on things you have already started!

A more in-depth tutorial was uploaded onto Youtube by Solution Master.

Insane social media responses

Since Bitmoji Paint allows users all over the world to get involved, what better idea than to take the hype over to TikTok – where millions of people communicate!

The TikTok community has teamed up and decided to collectively personalise the map in creative ways.

TikTok user, @brickemoji_, reached out to their viewers by suggesting they work together to create an ‘orange dorito’ on the island-map.

Once achieved, @tylerisinsane commented:


@brickemoji_ again instructed viewers to personalise another section of the map.


Good job everyone final mission let’s paint the whole star yellow #bitmojipaint #bitmojistar

♬ animal crossing ~ new horizons lofi – Closed on Sunday

But, wait! This is not all fun and games (pardon the pun), there have been incidents of Bitmoji Paint rivalry!

Another creator named @wltrshllnbrgr, captured a dramatic incident between two painters as they virtually-fought while one attempted to assemble an inappropriate logo.

In another case, @snowflake_eliminators uploaded a TikTok video showing the process of destroying another user’s pixel-art work.

Instead of engaging in the creative part of the app, a user named @thetiktokg0ds, took to TikTok to express their new favourite pass-time; virtually throwing-up onto other Bitmojis.

Detailed instructions were displayed on @matics_trades which ordered painters to virtually ‘go to war’:


Snapchat bitmoji paint war is just starting. #gme

♬ original sound – penny lifestyles™️

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and discover Bitmoji Paint on Snapchat to play this new mini-game for yourself!

Don’t forget to stay creative and have fun while adhering to the guidelines!