TikTok: Silly Goose song explained – lyrics and hilarious videos!

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TikTok’s new trending sound ‘silly goose’ had creators dying of laughter at the comedic videos showing up on their FYP. Join Hashtag Hyena and come check them out with us!

What is the ‘silly goose’ TikTok song?

TikTok star @mrhamilton is most known for his hilarious lip-syncing videos and comedy posts. He is also the voice behind the silly goose sound that everyone on TikTok is loving.

The sound goes like this:

“Well you can go ahead and get in the pond if your going to act like a silly goose”

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Who is @mrhamilton?

@mrhamilton was once kids’ favourite funny teacher at Plant City High School but now he is a famous TikTok creator with over 5 million followers, all thanks to his hilarious content.

At 25 the inner child in Casey still shines through in his videos and viewers get a good laugh out of it – you can tell he’s having the time of his life creating his social media content!

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Many TikTok creators are recreating their own POV with the new ‘silly goose’ sound.

More brilliant TikTok content

Many relatable and laugh-out-loud content stems from Casey’s Voiceovers. You could scroll through his TikTok feed all day and never get bored.

Here are some other hilarious and more recent creations he’s made.

Where did ‘silly goose’ come from?

To say someone is a ‘silly goose’ is to refer to them as goofy or dopey. In the TikToks, creators are telling someone to get back in the pond for being a silly goose – aka they are putting them back in their place for acting stupid.

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Everyone has created their own versions of the soundbite, which makes it even more comical as anybody can relate to each random TikTok. Some refer to them saying they are putting weight on and their boyfriend’s tell them to go to the gym, she then uses the sound over to tell him to stop being so silly or ‘a silly goose’ because, obviously, you don’t go to the gym to lose weight, right?

From the context, creators have been making their own POVs from this and creating relatable content that everyone loves.

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