How to do the Sugar Crash trend on TikTok – and 5 hilarious examples!

Screenshot from @itz._sxli TikTok video.

TikTok constantly features new trends, but the Sugar Crash trend is currently taking the lead as everyone wants to get involved!

The popular song named ‘Sugar Crush’ is being used by creators all over the app.

Read below to find out what the hype is all about surrounding the Sugar Crush trend and how you can get involved!

Screenshot from @itz._sxli TikTok.

What is the Sugar Crash trend on TikTok?

The Sugar Crash trend involves various content, ranging from funny meme videos to creative transition videos.

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TikTok sound named ‘Sugarcrash!‘ was uploaded onto the app by a user named @ElyOtto and is now being used for this viral trend.

Currently featured in 3337.0K videos, TikTok users sure are loving this audio!

#sugarcrashtrend 10.8 million views and is full of amazing content using the popular sound.

This recent trend involves a particular form of editing shown on the streen as the beat of the music drops.

For example, if featuring a funny meme video, the edit would appear as the humorous scenario occurs.

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Below is an example of the particular edit used in a video uploaded by @knaxboy24.

Screenshot from @knaxboy2 TikTok.

Another sound named ‘Sugar Crash‘ was uploaded by ‘Elyotto & Zedivan’ and can also be used for the trend.

How to do the Sugar Crash trend

In order to get involved in the Sugar Crash trend, you’ll need to find content worthy of pairing with this sound.

Whether that involves a comical video, a crazy transition or even online-gaming footage – make sure it is good enough!

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In order to use the viral animation, you’ll need to use the editing app called ‘Cap Cut‘.

Although slightly complicated, the animation can be successfully achieved on the app.

This requires a few steps, such as playing around with the speed of the video and overlaying edits.

One of many TikTok creators, @galliun_gamer, uploaded a simple explanation video containing screen recorded footage of his device.

TikTok user named @akyomi also shared a tutorial video simply explaining how to achieve the Sugar Crash trend-edit.

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What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

5 insane TikTok examples

TikTok user named @ttv_sightfury hopped onto the Sugar Crash trend in his viral video featuring a hilarious meme.

The video contains footage of a mature woman expressing her sudden shock as she is greeted by a man wearing a mask.

Under the impression that the masked-male is her son, the woman is given the fright of her life as he removes the face-covering and turns out to be someone else.

The Sugar Crash edit then appears as she displays her confusion.

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Screenshot from @ttv_sightfury TikTok.

Another creator, @winglee123, paired the Sugar crash audio with their TikTok video.

A disabled sports-man is being medalled after par-taking in archery using his feet since he has unfortunately experienced limb loss.

As he is presented with the reward, the presenter reaches to shake his hand, before realising he is unable to do so.

Screenshot from @winglee123 TikTok.

TikTok user named @itz._sxli also used the sound in their video containing the cast of Stranger Things.

During an interview, Millie Bobby Brown expresses her fear of the dark to which her co-star, Caleb McLaughlin jokingly displays his offence – referring to the colour of his skin.

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Screenshot from @itz._sxli TikTok.

Content creator, @marv3l.ed1ts, shared a TikTok video using the Sugar Crash sound.

Footage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Spiderman, is included in the upload.

Actor, Tom Holland, reacts to his co-star’s description of Thor as “not that good looking” in a displeased manner.

Screenshot from @marv3l.ed1ts TikTok.

However, it is not compulsory to pair a funny video with this trending audio…

TikTok creator named @mushroomdilf shared a transition video whereby he dyed his hair red.

As the beat of the Sugar Crash song drops, the user panned towards the camera and ended the video with perfectly-styled red hair.

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This upload does not feature the Sugar Crash animation-edit yet still adheres to the trend.

Screenshot from @mushroomdilf TikTok.

Go ahead and try out the TikTok Sugar Crash trend for yourself!