TikTok: What is the meaning of ‘riririri’? Lion King song goes viral!

Among Us
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The popular Lion King song that is used on TikTok for certain Among Us videos have an astonishing meaning…

Every person using TikTok and Instagram must have seen the Among Us videos that suddenly became trending during the COVID-19 lockdown. Most people were asked to work or study from home and everyone had a lot of time on their hands. To stay connected with friends and enjoy an activity together, Among Us became the most popular social game.

The more people played this game, the more videos of the game went viral. These memes, although hilarious has a deeper meaning because of the lyrics.

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What is the meaning of the song “The lion sleeps tonight”

The song was originally sung in Zulu language and the chorus was made up of the word “Uyimbube”, which means “You are a lion”. This song was misheard as “Wimoweh” and used as the chorus in the song that was sung by The Tokens. It instantly became famous and was especially loved by the fans of the movie “The Lion King”.

What is the meaning of the riririri song in memes?

This song, especially the riririri part, is used in the background to show hurt or a hurtful action in slow motion. This Instagram video got more than 800,000 views in 2 months which lead this part of the song to become viral in 2018 for hurtful situations.

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But more recently, it has become famous with the Among Us game video with the lyrics as the name of the crew-mates. It was because of this video that not only made the song viral again but also brought a lot of people to the Among Us game during the lockdown.

After this video, a lot of videos have started using the song as a background song for their game-plays. It is famous to the point that most people don’t know that it is from The Lion King but they know the “Riririri” part. Is there any music that you know from memes but don’t know where it originates from? Ask us in the comment section and you will be surprised with the answer.