TikTok: How to get the Tattoo Filter – new ink with no pain!

Tattoo filter
Screenshot from TikTok account of Jessica Andraos

The new Tattoo filter has become trending on TikTok and everyone is dying to try it. Would you like to know how to get it?

This awesome filter is called the Neon lines or the TikTok Tattoo Filter Effect. It has become viral on all the social media that matters – Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. A lot of the popular accounts have already tried it and now we all want to try them as well.

How to get Tattoo Filter on TikTok

It is not found on TikTok as it is a Snapchat filter. To get the filter you will have to go to Snapchat and search for “neon lines” in the search bar.

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Once you get the filter, you can make a video and save it to in Gallery of your phone. You can upload that video to Instagram or TikTok from gallery.

Why use the Tattoo filter?

Tattoo filter was uploaded on Snapchat in October, 2020 along with some other filters by @neon.shadow.effect.

It seemed like a normal filter with people coloured in neon colours but within 2 weeks people started learning to use this filter creatively. Check out what the TikToker niktakepics did with the filter.

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This filter actually takes the image of your tattoos on a whole new level. No tattoo can look uncool in this filter. It animates and bring lives to mere words on your body and adds colour on top of it. This glowy rendition of tattoos got over 3 million views within 5 days.

After that, other popular TikTokers also started experimenting. But @mayhemeagan really look this filter out of the world.

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So the reason to use this filter is to express your creativity and broaden the boundaries of your imagination. The effect of this filter on the dalmatian was other-worldly. Can you beat that?

Now people are using this filter to showcase their artwork as well as show-off their cars. Is there something these TikTokers missed out on? What is the most creative way to use this filter according to you?