How to do the Silhouette Challenge on TikTok

Screenshot from TikTok of @ankoo127 Kokichi's mom

Anime fans of TikTok are filling the “For You” page with the Silhouette Challenge. What is it and how to do it?

This is a challenge for Anime fans who fantasize about fictional characters and dream about ending up with them. It may sound cringey but we all have fantasies involving people we can’t end up with.

So if you want to see yourself with your favorite Anime character and get clout on top of that, give this challenge a fair shot. This challenge may also test some of your TikTok skills though.

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What is the Anime Silhouette Challenge?

This is a challenge that can make anyone look very hot and also make it possible to stand beside your favorite Anime character.

Only your silhouette will be seen in the photo standing beside the silhouette of anyone you want.

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How to do the TikTok challenge

For this challenge, you will need a picture or a sticker of the character you want to be with. Either find it on Picsart or you can download one from Google.

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The picture should have the full body of the character and they should be facing to the side.

You will have to cut out this character from the picture. Use the “Cut out” function of Picsart which makes photo editing seem like a piece of cake even for beginners. Use the function Restore and Erase to make sure that the edges look smooth.

Once the character has been cut out, use effects to turn it into a shadow. For this, go to ‘Effects’, proceed to ‘Colours’ and completely darken the picture.

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Go to TikTok to find the perfect sound to match your video. Find a place where having a silhouette looks realistic and shoot your video. A doorway or a window works best for this. Shoot the video until the end of your music so that the editing can be easier later.

In your last frame, add your character cut out and adjust it based on your surroundings. Then use the green screen effects to make your trending TikTok video.

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If you need more ideas or inspiration, check out the video below.

The challenge doesn’t have to be with a character though…