Instagram: How to get the Ted Talk Filter and host a lecture!

Screenshot from TikTok video of @iamshalco Shalco

Have you always wanted to be on the TED Talk? Then here’s your chance with this trending 2021 Instagram filter!

You can’t go on an actual TED Talks conference and give a lecture but you can turn on this filter and make it look like you are on the stage of TED Talks.

With this filter, you can pretend that you are using a stage used by the most talented people who have given lectures on TED Talks.

What is the Ted Talk Filter?

Although this filter sounds fancy, what it will actually do when you turn on your front camera is that it will put your face and attach it to a cartoon body.

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This cartoon body is going to be on the stage of the TED Talks and you can make it somewhat look like you are giving a lecture.

As a bonus, after you are done with your “talk”, everyone in the audience applauds you.

This filter has not been made by or is in any way affiliated with the TED Talks.

How to find the Ted Talk filter on Instagram and TikTok

The filter is trending on TikTok right now but it is actually from Instagram. So open Instagram and swipe right to turn on the camera.

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Swipe all the filter icons until you find the “Browse Effects” option on the right. Click on this and tap on the search bar.

You can search for “Tod Talk” and get the one by @slimshader_.

If you type “Ted Talk” instead, you will find the filter made by @natymontandon which will just add the text “thank you for coming to my TED talk” above your head.

So give this filter a try, download your best attempt and upload it on TikTok.

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How to use the TED Talks Filter

People are using this filter to give short advices. You can check some of them here if you need inspiration for your video –

This one is a really good advice –

You can also use this to speak your opinions in front of an audience and get approval.