TikTok: How to untangle in the ‘Two towel challenge’

Screenshot from TikTok @pammymac504

The latest couple challenge on TikTok right now is the ‘Two Towel Challenge’ that is supposedly impossible to untangle.

But we can guide you on how to join the challenge as well as solve it if you get stuck. Here’s what you have to do –

How to join the Two Towel challenge

This challenge requires a partner and two towels as the name suggests. Grab on to the corners of your towels after looping one of them through the other.

What you have to do is untangle the towels without letting go of them. This riddle will force you to go creative because it looks simple and yet there seems no way out.


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It is not just a TikTok challenge but it can be a great party game to try out with friends. It will only be fun if the players are not too active on TikTok or else they will know what to do.

If you have already tried getting out of this and failed then proceed to the next part of this article and check out the solution.

The hashtag #twotowelchallenge has 23.3 million views and it’s rising. Make sure to add this hashtag in the video that you create so you can gain maximum clout.

Solution to untangle this TikTok challenge

The only way this solution will work is if your towels are long enough to make a loop that can pass an entire person through it.

So what you will have to do is use the rope escape trick. When you have two ropes tied to your and your partner’s wrists and looped around each other just like the way the towels are, you have to make a small loop on one side.

Then you pass that loop through the back of your partner’s wrist and then loop it over your partner’s hand to where their rope is. This frees up both the ropes instantly.

But how can you use this technique to the towel challenge where the towels are held in hand and not tied? Well if we tell you everything, it’s not really a challenge, right.

Besides, there is a reason why no one in the TikTok videos has been able to solve it yet. So go be the first one to crack it.

If you still didn’t get it, here’s a very easy guide that you can follow.