TikTok: Meaning and full form of DTB

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If you have seen several girls posting videos with the hashtag #dtb or commenting it on TikTok, you will be curious to know the meaning.

Meaning of DTB on TikTok explained

There are actually several meanings and full forms of DTB but first, we will discuss the most common one on TikTok and then proceed to fill you in on the rest.

Girls are using #DTB and also adding it in text in their videos to mean “Don’t trust boys”. So the most common and trending meaning of DTB on TikTok is Don’t Trust Boys.

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Of course, the boys have turned it around and started posting DTB with “Don’t trust b*tches” captions.

Here are the definitions and full forms of DTB from Urban Dictionary. You will need to look at the context to know which of the phrase is being currently used.

Ditch that b*tch. It is used when you really want to get rid of a real b*tch.
Who are you going with to the party?
by John D03 May 7, 2015

D*ck to boobie
I’d dtb my girlfriend but she aint got no breasties
by Lorric October 26, 2018

Down To Bounce : as in ready to leave but without offending anyone
This party is whack. Are you dtb?
by kareemofthecrop April 10, 2010

Abbreviation for the words: “Drink the brew”. Meaning to drink large quantities of liquid, but not necessarily to get “tore up”.
Cacie: Oh my god! I’m so thirsty. I’m going to dtb.
Ven: Careful you could be pissing for a very long time.
by Naterade June 12, 2007

Down to bang, usually meant as a question to one’s friends asking them if they want to participate in a gangbang of any sort. The “gangbang” can range from anything to group sex and generally fucking someone up to kicking some serious ass in a multiplayer video game(see pub stomp). The last is often the most fun and enjoyable.
(on instant messager)
Guy1 to Guy 2: dtb?
Guy2: sure, gimme a min.
Guy2 to Guy3: hey man me and a few others are dtb, u in?
Guy3: Fuck yeah, lez bang!
by nightbang February 7, 2014