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The meaning of DRP on TikTok

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Drop means dirty role play ~ sex and stuff
licks his neck you like that huh?
E.g on a fan acc you can drp with other people
by Molski04gg October 16, 2017

dirty role play~
lots of gacha life heaters use it on Instagram
gacha_heat1:hey daddy wanna drp~
daddy.gacha: yes bbg
gacha_heat1:fuck me hard daddy~~
daddy.gacha:puts penis in and cums
daddy.gacha:goes hard
gacha_heat1:ooh yes daddy~
gacha.daddy:plays with boobs and sucks pussy
gacha.daddy:licks boobs
by bxch December 14, 2020

Aka RP, means “do Role-play”
Bio: I am a girl and I like to dRP/RP
by baka_tho June 12, 2017

Other meanings of DRP

DRP (d.r.p., D.R.P., etc) stands for drug-related productivity. Anyone who has ever used drugs such as speed or good weed will know exactly what this is.

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Note: not to be confused with “tweeking”
Here’s an example of some drp:
Guy 1 – Hey man let’s write a song
Guy 2 – Alright dude and then we can like rake leaves and shit
by TheManYouFear March 22, 2009

n.- abbrv.- Date Rape Punch- the mix of a fruit drink with liquor at parties and box socials alike which is often spiked with different date rape drugs.
The DRP at the Gamma house led to a drastic spike in the college sexual assault statistics.
by Lucas Groth August 26, 2006

Domestic Rave Potential

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Whan someone’s house is fitting for a party.
Kiran: This corridor is sick. Your house has DRP
Jack: But mummy says no
by TheHairyGreekWoman July 10, 2011

Deep rooted problem: used to describe someone who has some serious mental issues
Guy1: hey did you hear Jones shit his pants on the rifle range today?
Migs: Wtf? Isnt he like 22? That fool has some serious DRPs
Billy Bob: You ever thought about chopping off someone’s head and banging the esophagus as warm blood oozes all over your dick?
Migs: Uhh dude you have some major DRPs don’t you?
by 0351 May 08, 2011

When you’re having a gathering, and you make sure the drunks can’t destroy anything of value
Person 1: I’m having a party this saturday
Person 2: Nice, remember to DRP , people will get f*cked up
by ABVM January 31, 2016