TikTok: Here’s where you can buy the trending steering wheel buddy

Photo by Héctor Vásquez on Unsplash

The new TikTok trend has all the users running to shops to buy a steering wheel buddy for themselves. Or five.

If you want that Disney’s cutie cuff, here’s what you will have to do…

Disney toys have turned into such a TikTok trend that users have gone crazy trying to score their own cutie cuff.

Basically, Disney is now selling cuffs of a few all time favorite Disney characters like Pascal, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Stitch, Olaf, and Squirt.

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Imagine being able to wear a cuff of your favorite character or putting it on the steering wheel to keep you company while you are driving.


GO TO TARGET TO GET UR STEERING WHEEL BUDDIES U WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!! #foryou #trend #fyp #disney #disneyworld #carthings #cutiecuff @clairegardner

♬ Disney Pictures Intro – Disney Pictures

But the thing is, you have to buy the box that the collectible comes in and you can only find out which toy you get after buying and opening it.

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So the trend is about buying the Disney cutie cuff box in Target and do a box opening on camera and show what you got and let your followers know if you pleased or disappointed with what you got. You can also show how you are using the toys you get.

We have attached some TikTok videos that has followed this trend and you can check out how they have joined the trend. Don’t forget to add the Disney Pictures Intro music to the video.

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