TikTok: Who is @bubbiegolf? Get to know the viral golfer!

Screenshot from YouTube @Bubbie Golf

One of the TikTok stars known for his golfing skills is @bubbiegolf. A lot of videos have gone viral but the recent one takes the cake.

Anyone who has used TikTok recently will have seen his amazing catches and his enviable gold swing. So lets get to the TikTok golfer and see what he has been up to on TikTok.

Who is @bubbiegolf?

Tom “Bubbie” Broders has an audience of 800k followers on TikTok where everyone fawns over his swing. He is also on Instagram with the same username where he has more than 65k followers.

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But those are not the only place where he is popular. Like anyone with skills, he has a YouTube channel named Bubbie Golf (of course) where he has about 50k subscribers.

His bio everywhere inspires other people to “Pursue Happiness”. We don’t know anything about his personal life except for the fact that he lives in the United States. If you know something we don’t, leave a comment below.

Estimated earnings through TikTok is set to be around 2k by Nox Influencer.

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His best TikTok videos

Tom posted a video on 13th April 2021 that went viral. It has more than 15 million views and 1.5 million likes.

You can check out the video below. Once you see it, you will understand the hype. His golf swing was amazing and apparently, there are a lot of golf enthusiasts on the platform.

But Hashtag Hyena’s best video of him is the most recent one where he hits the ball and catches it every time. To be able to do this, he must have had so many failed attempts. We can appreciate how much effort and attempts must have gone into this.

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Have you seen his content? Which video is your favorite?