TikTok: How to get the bangs filter – Try not to laugh challenge

Screenshot from TikTok @nadine_a.lien

The bangs filter on TikTok is a great look for girls but since boys are trying it out, it is more like a “Try not to laugh” challenge.

Here’s how you can join the challenge and have a few laughs by sharing it with friends and family.

How to get the bangs filter on TikTok

All this filter does is add some fringes in front of your hairline which looks really cute if you are a small girl and not so much otherwise.

This filter, however, is not available on TikTok even though it is the most popular there. You will have to go on Instagram app and swipe right to open the camera.

Then you can scroll the effects to the end on the right and click on “Browse Effect”. Type “Bangs” in the search bar on the top and you will find the one made by @anonamister.

How to join the challenge

Try out this filter and make the video. Once you are done recording the final version of your video, save it and upload it on TikTok.

While uploading, make sure to add the hashtags #bangsfilter, #dontlaughchallenge, and #trynottolaughchallenge to get maximum clout. Check out some of the best videos on these hashtags below. Let us know in the comments which one did you like best.

Try out different bangs filters on Instagram and show us the result.