TikTok: What is the dynamic photo filter? Use it to get your photos back to life!

Screenshot from TikTok @onlyhaveyesforyou

Everyone on TikTok and other social media is trying on this dynamic photo filter that brings the person in the photos back to life!

Check out how to get this filter so you can relive your favorite memories in the photos you have.

What is the dynamic photo filter?

This is a marvelous filter that makes the person in the photo animated. Whoever is in the photo starts to blink, smile, move their eyes around, etc. like they are alive.

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It is obviously one of the best and the most used filter because we all have someone we would love to bring back from the dead, even if it is fake and even if it is just for a few moments.

The filter works not just on photos but also on paintings so if you are looking to have some fun at the museum, try this one for size.

Here is a guide on how you can get this amazing filter….

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♬ original sound – ℂ𝕙/🥀

How to get the filter

Getting any filter on TikTok is easy as all you have to do is search for the filter. If you know the name of the filter, you can get it.

So head on to the platform and click on the “Discover” tab. Type in “Dynamic photo” and you will find the filter under the “Effects” heading. That’s it!

If you like this effect and want a more realistic result, you can also try out the app called CapCut. This app will make the people and the background 3D so it is definitely better than the TikTok filter.

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Try out both the effects and see which one you like the best.

TikTok and Twitter reactions

Using this filter on people who were close to you once and have passed away will be a heart-touching but also an emotional moment. Make sure you are ready for it.

There must be some celebrities that you would like to see up close. Find a high-resolution picture of them and use this filter to make your wish come true.