Deshawn Harris responds to leaked Twitter video – 16 seconds of fame!

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On New Year’s Eve 2020, a s*x tape of influencer Deshawn Harris was leaked to the internet – going viral on TikTok and Twitter.

The video has gone crazy on Twitter, leaving fans commenting and poking fun at the celebrity’s exposure. And, following the Yella Beezy leaked Twitter video, Deshawn wouldn’t be the first to start 2021 with their tape leaked on social media.

Deshawn Harris is a 19-year-old influencer with over 330,000 followers on Instagram and just over 1 million followers on TikTok. Deshawn Harris also has a Youtube channel with over 40,000 subscribers.

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What happened in the alleged Deshawn Harris leaked Twitter video?

The alleged video of Deshawn Harris is only a short 16-second clip – but this has caused Twitter and TikTok to go crazy over it.

The video shows Deshawn Harris’ behind, while he sits on top of another person. The video then shows the sexual act and then ends.

It appears that this happened in a car and the video was recorded by a phone. But the question is how did it get leaked?

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The video was first exposed on TikTok by a troll account. On TikTok, Deshawn Harris has over 1.1 million followers, so it easily found its way onto Twitter creating more whirlwind of internet gossip.

He has since made a response video on his YouTube channel addressing the sex tape and shares his thoughts and feelings on what happened. He released this about four days after the exposure happened.

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Twitters reacts to the Deshawn Harris video

This user is always getting exposed to celebrity sex tapes. In this week alone Yella Beezy had been exposed… and this user is sick of seeing it.

This user thinks she needs to mind her business when searching for trending celebrities on the internet. Yet, it has shocked her judging from the meme she uses of a woman’s shocked face.

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This person doesn’t even want to express his reaction to the video as he just says “and sis” meaning they’re shocked by the video – they also use a meme of will smith which makes it extra funny.