TikTok: Hat Flick meaning revealed – how to say hello in the South!

screenshot from TikTok @recklesscowgirl

The hat flick trend has recently been blowing up on TikTok. This American hat flick trick is common amongst the Americans that are from the south – but TikTok has now turned this into a trend.

Many users are turning on TikTok to do this challenge, but it also wondering what the hat flick means and where it all started from.

This sort of challenge wouldn’t be the first challenge to go viral on TikTok, as dance challenges and other trends are always blowing up on TikTok.

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Background of the hat flick challenge on TikTok

The hat flick challenge on TikTok is when a person slides their two fingers across their hat (mostly caps or cowboy hats) and flick it in the middle.

Many people on TikTok put a compilation of it together with some country music in the background.

There is a bit of controversy who actually started the hat flick challenge. However, the hat flick has been a thing for years in the southern states of the USA, probably since the 1800s.

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According to many TikTok users – they say @dalesbrisby started the trend on TikTok back in June of 2020. Since he started it many ‘country Tiktokers’ have followed his ways and now its become a viral challenge.

Meaning of the hat flick

The hat flick is a southern US term for a greeting or when being respectful. For example, if you see your neighbour you might do the hat flick to show acknowledgment and say ‘howdy’.

This has been a tradition in the south for years as many country folks have used this hat flick as a greeting. But now has been passed down generations through becoming a trend and challenge on TikTok.

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Examples of the Hat flick challenge on TikTok

This is a typical hat flick challenge video. As people are sliding and flicking their hats in an edited compilation type style on TikTok.

This person is encouraging users to do a ‘country duet’ together as this challenge has now become a ‘vibe’ – perhaps linking to the meaning of being respectful and nice.

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I nominate @countrynuget12 @ehanderson @coleswangin @scann7 @mullet.micah and @officialjakevaughnmusic ❤️ come vibe #hatflickchallenge #fyp #america

♬ Who is your daddy – halenapike

This woman is one of the many traditional people from the country confused as to why so many people are doing the challenge… oh no.