TikTok: Why blogger Danielle Bernstein has been met with serious hostility!

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Blogger Danielle Berstein, owner of WeWoreWhat, WAS being accused of copying a skirt from another brand.

And, now she has joined TikTok, some social media users have hit her with a smack of hostility. Here’s a complete explanation of the drama.

Who is Danielle Bernstein?

Danielle Bernstein is a 28-year-old American fashion designer and blogger. She started fashion blogging around 2011 and became the owner of her own brand called ‘WeWoreWhat’, which she launched in college as a Sophmore before developing it into a huge fashion brand name.

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Danielle was a student at the fashion institute of technology when she decided to create her own brand and blog to document the New York street style. Ever since, her business has taken off massively and she has collaborated with many fashion brands while also creating various clothing lines. With 2.5 million Instagram followers, she has a big audience, although this also comes with a fair share of critiques.

So did she copy someone elses work?

Recently, Danielle has been accused of many different things from teaching people how to photoshop cellulite out of their photos to stealing other smaller brands’ designs.

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It’s hard in the fashion industry to come out with new items that aren’t similar to what another creator has done, although when it comes to Danielle, she has had the worst of the backlash from her recent jewelry line.

Smaller brands such as The Great Eros and Foundrae have accused Danielle of copying their designs and fans have been sending hate towards Danielle on TikTok after she recently joined.

Check the link on this Daily Mail video to Danielle’s defence, where she claims that the jewellery she was accused of copying was inspired by her grandfather, who had just recently passed away.

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Danielle has now stated that she will not be selling the jewellery line due to the backlash and doesn’t want to copy other brands ideas.

Her arrival on TikTok captured by videos


hey TikTok, allow me to introduce myself 👋🏼 #daniellebernstein #weworewhat #nyc #brandstory #fashion

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Haters in her comment section after joining TikTok are sending horrible messages such as:


People are making fun of her business as well: “Hi guys I’m Danielle and I made a career of stealing from small creators and blocking them but get away with it because I’m a thin white girl.”

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Many people in her comment sections are trying to say it is evidence of white privilege and that Dani is getting away with it because she is white.

However, there’s no proof that she did copy other people’s ideas. The matter of fact is that when you compare the products side-by-side, it’s difficult to differentiate them.

We will let you make up your own mind on this one.


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