TikTok: Braided Salmon recipe guide – and 5 delicious examples!

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New TikTok recipes are constantly trending, but braided salmon is currently taking the app by storm as users are eager to try it out!

In this article, we do not only explain exactly what the braided salmon recipe is, but we also include a step-by-step guide along with scrumptious TikTok examples to follow!

What is braided salmon? 

Braided salmon is a pretty self-explanatory meal when you really think about it…

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All that is required is to slice and braid your salmon! Then you must cook it of course.

The popular TikTok hashtag #braidedsalmon currently has three million views and is full of mouth-watering content.

This appetising recipe began trending on TikTok as more and more users wanted to try it out for themselves.

Wait, you thought braiding was just an act performed on hair? Nope.

TikTok user named @sweetpea183 commented on a braided salmon video with the statement:

“We’re braiding more than hair 2021”

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Continue reading to find out more!

How to make the braided salmon TikTok recipe!

Braided salmon recipes can be found all over TikTok, below we follow a popular recipe uploaded by @porschapower.

In order to create this insane meal you’re going to need to follow TikTok’s specific instructions!

First of all, you’ll need to prepare a large piece of salmon, along with a suitable sized-dish.

Start by removing the skin of your salmon, and then slice it into three strips – begin cutting about 2 inches down.

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Then you’ll need to start braiding!

Unsure of how to braid salmon? We’ve got you covered.

TikTok user named @niemadeit uploaded a brief tutorial showing how he braids the fish.

Now, go ahead and chop some lemon and place it into your dish, laying the salmon on top.

Season your salmon however you like, TikTok users often use old-bay, onion powder, smoked paprika and dill.

Although this is not compulsory, you can now create your favourite crab cake recipe and layer the mixture across the top of the salmon.

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This may start to look like a mountain but don’t be fooled, we’re not done yet!

Some TikTok chefs also choose to add jumbo shrimp on top.

Finally, top your creation off with some melted butter and old-bay and pop it in the oven!

So there you have it – your yummy braided salmon ready to eat!

Youtube channel named Nicole Denise: Fork Over The Ring uploaded a step-by-step tutorial of the braided salmon recipe inspired by TikTok.

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Various braided salmon recipes can also be found online; Katie and Leeann Chinn posted theirs onto myrecipes.com.

Delicious TikTok examples

@porschapower gained 1.9 million views on her popular take on the braided salmon recipe.


BRAIDED SALMON with crab and shrimp?? Of course! The Power House Catering way! Inspired by @niemadeit #tiktokchef #chef #chefsoftiktok #braidedsalmon

♬ Wifeable (Demo 3) feat. Xavier Omär – Masego

@itsashleyrenee__ also reached over one million views on her recipe video.


I’m sorry, I don’t have a recipe. I watched a viral video & it was history after that. #keto #braidedsalmon #easydinnerideas #ketoqueen #keto #chicago

♬ Chicago (Jersey Club) – DJ Smallz 732

@uncledibbz uploaded his braided salmon recipe video, using specific seasoning.

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@dreamwithnic uploaded a tutorial onto both TikTok and Youtube (linked above).

@aireyys described this creation as ‘sexy salmon’ after he attempted the TikTok recipe.


“Sexy salmon!” Should I do more of these or nah?👌🏿👨🏾‍🍳 FYI taste even better with Schweppes 🍋 #salmon #braidedsalmon

♬ original sound – Mike Edwards

What are you waiting for?

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Go ahead and try out the braided salmon TikTok recipe for yourself!