TikTok: How to get the Yellow Teeth Filter – and how it works!

Screenshot from @shellycantsitwithus TikTok

TikTok is full of filters and Hashtag Hyena has the very best of them all, right here.

Want to change your face, change the background or check if you have yellow teeth… TikTok has got it all!


this was definitely worth it 😫 shoutout tik tok for making me realize my teeth were yellow 🙃 #fyp #FashionEssentials #teethwhitening #teeth

♬ How to tell if you have YELLOW teeth – Tik Toker

A pearly white smile is what everyone wants, right?

No-one needs to see the food in your teeth or if you haven’t brushed them in a while. But if you wanna check out how yellow your teeth actually are and if they need a good clean then the colour customizer filter on TikTok can help.

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The TikTok sound ‘how to check if you have yellow teeth’ has 144.4k views – give it a go yourself!

No dentists open to get your teeth checked out? Well turn to TikTok and this virtual dentist filter.

TikTok: How to get the Yellow Teeth Filter

Go to the search bar on TikTok and search colour customiser, the filter will show up so click on it.

Go on to the filter on TikTok and choose colour customizer, then select the yellow dot and it should turn everything grey except things with a yellow undertone.

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Then give us a big cheesy smile. If your teeth show up yellow then sorry to say it but your teeth are not white!

You can also use this filter to check what skin undertone you have by clicking the different coloured dots.

Some people were a bit mortified when they saw how yellow their teeth are, don’t think they cared that much though.. if they posted it for thousands to see!

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