How to remove the Red Filter on TikTok – up your Silhouette Challenge game!

Screenshot from TikTok video of @thesongtwins Mon and Jess Song

The Silhouette Challenge is taking off and now everyone is getting more creative with the filters. Here’s how you can too!

Using a red filter to cast a show over yourself, the trend has taken TikTok and Twitter by a storm and has now become the most popular trend on all social media platforms. Even the hashtag #silhouettechallenge has more than 150 million views on TikTok!

History of the 2021 Silhouette Challenge

There are so many trends within this challenge that it is getting difficult to keep up with it. Some people have used this trend to be in a scene with their favorite Anime character.

The TikToker starts the video alone with lighting and in the middle the video transitions to a darker surrounding with themselves and their favorite Anime character in silhouettes.

People have used this opportunity to be seen with their favorite celebrity as well.

But mostly, this challenge is now about women showing off their curves with some sultry choreography and the Snapchat’s Vin Rogue filter that makes the surroundings red.

This filter actually enhances the video quality and makes it aesthetically pleasing to look at.

This challenge has everything – the sexy curves, the mystery, the beautiful music of Paul Anka ‘Put your head on my shoulder song’ and, of course, the raunchiest dance moves on the internet.

So how can you make it even better? Get innovative with the red filter and show a transition of red and black light to make the video look more innovative!

How to remove the Red Filter on TikTok

Using Snapchat’s Vin Rogue filter to give the red light and some serious editing skills, you can make a nice video to post as your Silhouette Challenge.

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the filter in between the video for a certain duration and then get it back again.

So here is what you will have to do – shoot two exact same videos. One video has to be with the filter and the other without it. Then edit the two videos in a way that it looks like you are transitioning quickly from one to the other.

This will take your Silhouette game to a whole new level. One thing to keep in mind for this challenge is that the colour red is a primary one and it can be removed to modified easily so never shoot these videos naked.

Instead, wear tight-fitting clothes to show off your curves but never shoot them without any clothes on.

Share your favorite attempts in the comments below.


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