Real Dr 6ix – Plastic surgeon live-streamed patients surgery and ‘bantered over her body’


DR6ix recently trending due to a Wired article written about him, stating he asked a client to live to stream their surgery.

“It’s their body, their self but his Instagram” – that’s the headline that has everyone questioning the surgeon.

Who is Dr6ix?

Dr6ix, also known as Dr Mrtin Jugenburg, is a reconstruction plastic surgeon and is well known for fixing botched plastic surgeries. He has five different qualifications in plastic surgery, including degrees in Molecular biology and molecular genetics, medicine, specialization in plastic and reconstructive surgery, a board certificate in plastic and reconstructive surgery, and microsurgery and cancer reconstruction fellowship.

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He is based in Toronto, Canada, although patients travel from around the world to get work done by him. Dr6ix practices at the Toronto cosmetic surgery institute and is well known for his famous Instagram account where he posts all his before and after photos of different surgeries.

Dr6ix on Instagram

Dr6ix is well known for his Instagram account with 141k followers, where he posts videos of surgeries, live streams and more surgical content.

The account is very active with Instagram stories posted all day every day, which include what surgery he is doing, the consultation with the patient, and before and after pictures.

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Dr 6ix also exposes photoshopped images and celebrities’ plastic surgery procedures, which spreads a positive body image and helps explain that the post ‘picture perfect’ body shape is not real.

His most recent post was about Kendal Jenner’s Instagram story, where the video highlights a glitch in her waist.

Dr6ix in Wired

The recent Wired article written about Dr 6ix mentions a patient who was horrified when coming out of surgery to discover that her surgery was live-streamed as the doctor and assistant had ‘banter over her body’

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Now, more allegations are coming out claiming that the same doctor has more videos of patients without full consent, where patients have noticed cameras in rooms were asked to undress.