Add TikTok’s “Knee thing” to your foreplay to spice up your makeout sesh!

Photo by Jan Padilla on Unsplash

Impress and arouse your partner with this new hack from TikTok called the “Knee thing”. It will stimulate her without much effort from you.

If you take just one hack from TikTok into your relationship then let it be this “knee thing”.

The knee thing from TikTok explained

If you look for this trend on TikTok, you will notice that the hashtag #kneething has gained about 23 million views so far. As you will soon discover, people are correct to hype this up so much.

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It will not be easy for you to understand this foreplay trick by going on TikTok because now the users are not putting videos explaining the concept but making fun of it instead.

The actual hack seems to remain elusive on this platform which is why we did a deep-dive and found out exactly how to do this knee thing.

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The knee thing is actually a way to stimulate a girl’s clitoris with the knee. While you are making out with a girl, you can get on top while she is laying down on a flat, comfortable surface and angle your knee in between her legs so that it touches their vulva continuously when you are making out with her.

Make sure you move slowly and apply gentle pressure to the area. You will know you are doing it right when she starts moving her body to your rhythm and you will notice some other forms of encouragement as well (if you know what we mean). 😉

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The knee thing explained by Urban Dictionary –

when a knee is pushed between someone’s leg up against their crotch (usually done to a girl), for the purpose of stimulation.
they got on top of me doing the knee thing and it felt so good
by discoparty July 5, 2021

a makeout technique common between two vagina-having people, mainly when lying down or standing against something . in simplistic terms, one rubs their knee against the others 😺/clit. usually an indicator of desire for sex by the dominant person.
Person 1: Did Sam and you have sex last night?
Person 2: Yeah, they did the knee thing and things kinda progressed from there…
by the.official_ben August 26, 2021