What Happened to Tiktok Truck Driver Steven Raley?

Photo by Oscar Nilsson @oscrse

Now for the heartbreaking news! Everyone is shocked by the TikTok truck driver’s death. On Tiktok, he went by the name @pissed off trucker.

People began to share videos of themselves paying respect to him before the news of his death was confirmed. It first appeared on the market on July 14th. As a result, the platform was overwhelmed with news of Steven Raley’s death, leaving his adoring supporters wondering what went wrong.

On social media, the hashtag “R.I.P. Pissed off Trucker” became viral. In this post, we will look at what occurred to the Tiktok Truck Driver, which led to his death at the age of 52.

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The death of a Tiktok truck driver has now been confirmed

Steven Hull Raley, a Tiktok Truck Driver, died in a semi-accident, more accurately a road traffic collision, on July 12, 2022. He was from Alabama, and his Tiktok account largely detailed his lifestyle, job, and family. He gained almost 180,000 followers as a result of this.

The collision happened in the afternoon on a Kansas highway. His Volvo semi-truck was later said to have “left the route to the right, gone over the KDOT fence, and proceeded for a quarter mile.” Tipton Truck Driver was then taken to Citizen’s Medical Center for treatment. There, the medics declared him dead.

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Steven Raley was honored by the Tiktok Trucking Community

The first person to pay respect to him was the Tiktok user @the double t. He remarked that the tracking community had lost a fantastic individual in Steven. He also sent his sympathies to his wife and children. Even those who were unaware of Tiktok Truck Driver before his death is aware of how cheerful and pleasant he was after his death. Condolences and tribute comments have filled some of his farewell videos.

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Replying to @rude_glitter_ #redneckmafia #leftlanegang #BigBull1976 #teamdoserdux bandofoutlawz. @pissed_off_trucker you will be missed

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If you’re curious about his final video, Steven Raley discussed how he was receiving complaints about his lack of interest in Tiktok, as well as why his films don’t display on the ‘For You’ page. At that point, he just stated that he wanted to return home on time. May his soul rest in peace—condolences to his family.