YouTube: Why did The Try Guys edit out Ben Greenfield?

Screenshot from Youtube @The Try Guys

A popular YouTube channel The Try Guys received a lot of comments regarding their expert in a video, Ben Greenfield. This resulted in an edited video without Ben.

What did Greenfield say that resulted in this action? Did Ben deserve it? Find out the whole story below.

Who are The Try Guys?

The Try Guys is an award-winning American comedy series streaming on YouTube with 7.5 million subscribers. The Try Team consists of Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Yang.

They also have a million followers on Instagram and are very popular on Twitter and Facebook as well.

The Try Guys started out on Buzzfeed and got popular but they separated from the media company back in 2018 but they are still creating hilarious content.

They recently uploaded a video of an ice bath challenge that they all took but something happened that made them edit a person completely from the video.

Let us find more about that video and the what the guest had to say below.

What did Ben Greenfield say in the video?

The Try Guys had taken up the extreme challenge of going into an ice bath and see how long each one of them lasts. An expert was called to explain some of the biological effects of such a cold exposure on the body.

This expert was Ben Greenfield who is an anti-vaxxer. That means that Ben doesn’t believe that children should be vaccinated or that vaccines are good for us.

After this video was posted, a lot of comments popped up expressing their disgust and disappointment that The Try Guys not only let such a bad influence on the episode, they released that video with harmful ideas.

Ben shared a lot of pseudo-science statements saying that submerging oneself in such cold temperatures can have a lot of positive effects. This is actually not accurate because four to five minutes of such cold temperature water cannot shed calories, fix anxiety, or cure sleep disorders.

These harmful opinions of Ben were edited out and the new modified version was posted on 6th March 2021 and within four days, it has reached 1 million views.

Reactions to the Ice Bath Challenge video

If you check the YouTube video, you can see a lot of comments discussing how harmful Ben’s “expert” opinions were and how he should have been vetted and not allowed on the show.

The Try Guys took their time but when they found out, they fixed their mistake.

Check out some of the reactions on the Twitter post of The Try Guys.