Instagram’s SORTEDfood: Where is James Currie and is he okay?

James Currie on SORTEDfood.

For over a decade, a group of long-term friends turned chefs have taken to YouTube to give culinary advice, cooking tips and explore food trends.

Yet, lately, SORTEDfood fans have noticed the absence of one particular member.

What happened to James on SORTEDfood?

After James Currie failed to appear in recent videos on the SORTEDfood YouTube channel, fans and culinary enthusiasts began to speculate the reasons for his non-attendance.

Particularly around the Christmas period, worry began to grow amongst SORTEDfood’s 2.46 million subscribers. Viewers took to the comment sections of recent videos to express concern, with one writing: “Not seen James in over a month, worried where he has gone. Need more of his sassy wit!”

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Speculating further, one eagle-eyed subscriber noticed that James had cameoed as The Ghost of Christmas past in a Christmas special video and, as such, feared that it may be a sign that he had left the channel.

Is the Instagram star okay?

Luckily, SORTEDfood member, Jamie Spafford, took to a Reddit thread to clear up the confusion surrounding James’ ‘disappearance’.

Spafford confirmed that James had, indeed, been back at the studio recently and would appear in future videos with SORTEDfood.

He then further added: “We’re a group of mates running a YouTube channel and a business, we all tend to dip in/out of videos based on our availability given the other work we do across the business.

As you know, the videos are only one side of what we all do on a weekly basis – so when I say James is working from home, I really mean it. As a Club member, that work is what brings you Meal Packs recipes and new Cookbooks on a regular basis.”

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It seems as though James has just been pretty busy lately and has no intention of leaving the YouTube channel – a big sigh of relief!