TikTok: Who is Indigo Raptor – alleged live stream incident explained

Screenshot from @furythegryphonmaster TikTok duet

A dark situation potentially involving a young member of the furry fandom, named Indigo Raptor, is currently spiraling the internet as concerns grow for the TikTok creator.

In this article, we explore heavy topics such as the passing of creators and hateful behavior, so feel free to head over to any of our lighter issues if this may affect you.

Who is Indigo Raptor?

Indigo Raptor is a 10-year-old TikTok creator who is part of the furry fandom.

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The furry fandom is a subculture interested in anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.

Examples of anthropomorphic attributes include exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, speaking, walking on two legs, and wearing clothes.

This particular individual is thought to have worn a blue-coloured (indigo) rapture costume/mask.

@indigo_raptor is now owned by another individual as Indigo Raptor seems to have deleted their account on the app.

Although Indigo Raptor now no longer has a TikTok account, we have been able to find old duet videos which include the creator.

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Below is a past video that @furythegryphonmaster posted whereby he duetted Indigo Raptor.

Another user named @iiyuliixx previously uploaded an animated/drawn image of Indigo Raptor.


@indigo_raptor here ya go 😀

♬ Heartbeat – Nightcore

What allegedly happened on the TikTok live stream?

Information surrounding this topic is yet to be confirmed therefore we have only gathered supposed details from social media in order to build this article.

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Rumours recently started spiraling across TikTok that Indigo Raptor took their own life during a live stream.

This reportedly occurred after ongoing hateful behavior and language were aimed at Indigo on social media.

Some users claim that that TikTok groups such as the ‘Hamster Cult’ and ‘The Boys 😈🥶’ may have caused this by cyberbullying Indigo Raptor, although nothing has been confirmed.

TikTok creator named @ratdog_cos attempted to explain the issue within a recent video.

The TikTok account named @indigo_raptor is now no longer used by the original individual since they supposedly deleted their content before this issue took place.

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@indigo_raptor addressed and explained this in a recent upload which contains explicit language regarding the dark subject.

The same creator also shared another video asking supporters to create art in honour of Indigo Raptor.

Within this particular upload, the user addressed reports which apparently stated Indigo took their own life in 2016.

However, Indigo Raptor’s recent uploads in 2020 suggest otherwise.

Supporters on TikTok are now speculating the rumours and those who believe this may be true seem to be publicly grieving.

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A member of the furry fandom named @cooperwolfy4 sent their condolences to Indigo Raptor and family by offering words of comfort and sympathy for their alleged loss.

Support available surrounding this topic

Concerning issues such as cyber bullying, mental health and the loss of life were mentioned throughout this article.

If any of these difficult topics may have affected you, help is always available.

Below are various online platforms which offer support and guidance.

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Although these reports have not been confirmed, more information potentially regarding Indigo Raptor can be found on social media.