Twitter reacts: Silent Ravers exposed video explained!

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Silent Ravers, a member of the famous Jamaican dance group named Ravers Clavers, was allegedly exposed in a video that captured him in a compromising position with another male. The artist has now been removed from the crew and social media users are going crazy!

Continue reading below to find out exactly who Silent Ravers is and why he is facing backlash from his group leader, Ding Dong. We provide you with all the information surrounding the situation along with insane Twitter reactions from supporters!

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Who is Silent Ravers?

Silent Ravers is a famous Jamaican dancer who was part of the Ravers Clavers Crew until recently.

Having always wanted to be a dancer, the artist is a graduate of Cumberland High School and joined Ravers Clavers in 2014 after moving from Cockburn Pen to Nannyville Gardens in Kingston.

Silent Ravers is the creator of the popular ‘Flairy’ dance move.

Ravers Clavers Crew is a dancehall dancing group affiliated with dancehall reggae artist and dancer from Kingston, Ding Dong.

The group are responsible for many hit dances and songs. #RAVERSCLAVERS

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Silent Ravers exposed video allegations

Ravers Clavers leader named Ding Dong recently confirmed that Silent Ravers is no longer a part of the dance crew.

This took place after Silent Ravers was allegedlyy caught in a video that captured him in a ‘compromising situation’ with a transgender personality named Lil Kev.

Rumours were established, claiming that Silent had provided large amounts of money to Lil Kev.

These reported videos have since spiralled the internet and have left the entire dancehall industry in a state of shock.

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Dancehall selector Foota Hype reached out to the group’s leader (Ding Dong) on Tuesday to publicly confirm that the dancer was no longer a member via an Instagram live stream.

Silent ravers deactivated his social media account before reactivating it to address the homosexual accusations via Instagram live.

According to the dancer, he is not homosexual. He further explained that he made a mistake and was tricked by the transgender personality in the video.

He denounced claims that he had provided thousands of dollars to Lil Kev by reminding fans that he previously needed monetary assistance after he lost his house twice.

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Silent Ravers also mentioned that he was not dismissed from Ravers Clavers by Ding Dong in his statement:

“Nobody never fire me, Ding never call me and say nothing,”

He further defended his declarations of being a heterosexual by swearing on his mother’s life:

“Nobody or no bwoy or no girl, nobody can’t seh dem touch mi or me touch dem.”

YouTube content creator named Zandramah briefly summarised the situation in her recent upload:

Crazy Twitter reactions

Various users on social media platforms such as Twitter have been going crazy ever since the reported video surfaced the internet.

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Read below for insane responses in reference to the drama involving Silent Ravers.

@kizi_DIVA defended the artist in a recent Tweet.

@YeS_Itz_MaRiE also expressed support for Silent Ravers.

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However, not all viewers take this stance.

A user named @daniellekimoys1 uploaded her opposing opinion onto Twitter as she agreed with Ding Dong’s decision.

@_Mo_2000 referred to the Silent Ravers drama along with a previous incident involving a Jamaican policeman in their Tweet which questioned what video is yet to be released.

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Along with many others, @cheerfulaly announced her feelings of sorrow for the dancer and stated that she is praying for him.

Check out more wild social media reactions to the drama involving Silent Ravers over on Twitter.

Do you think Ding Dong will allow the dancer back into Ravers Clavers?