Who is Memet Walker’s girlfriend Mary? Age, relationship and home!

Memet and Mary screenshot.

Memet Walker of The Howard Stern Show isn’t shy of showing off his girlfriend, Mary, through social media snaps and stories – she’s even made appearances on the show.

Although we’ve all the seen pictures of the gorgeous Mary, how much do we actually know about her and the relationship?

Memet Walker and girlfriend Mary’s relationship

Though fans are familiar with seeing the couple together on Instagram, Memet is yet to reveal more on the ins and outs of their relationship.

The pair began dating between late 2018 and the early days of 2019, meaning their relationship has stemmed between the 2 and a half to the three-year milestone.

Memet and Mary have moved in together in the last year, sharing a two-floor Manhattan apartment. Although, in May of 2020, the couple disclosed that their lavish home had been overrun with rats.

Over the initial quarantine period when the pandemic first began to spread, the couple told The Howard Stern Show that they were constantly arguing. Thankfully, these quarrels only seemed to be light-hearted, as Memet commented: “Show me a couple that is not fighting right now and I will show you a couple that is lying to you.”

In their personal lives, it seems that the two enjoy hiking together, exploring and other outdoorsy activities – on top of attending fancy events.

The running joke between social media users and Memet seems to be that Mary is ‘out of his league’. Followers of Memet often comment snide remarks underneath pictures of the couple:

“Ha! She’s way too hot for you.”

“Less pics of you and more pics of your GF. She’s gorgeous.”

“Wow, I’m surprised she stuck it out with you for this long.”

Who is Mary Katbow?

Mary’s full name, according to her Instagram, is Mary Katbow. She’s a stunning 24-year-old brunette, living with Memet in New York City.

Mary seems to be living a relatively private life, keeping her Instagram (@mkatbow) private and only really disclosing information about her relationship when she makes appearances on the show.

Cutest posts of Memet and Mary

Although the relationship is pretty private in terms of information, the pair sure know how to take a great Insta picture.