TikTok: What is the Backpack Back Crack video? And is it healthy?

Screenshot from TiKTok ac @megumiiwama_

A TikToker is posting helpful videos on how to relieve pain in the body and crack the back of your partner for fun. Here’s how to grab your chum and turn them into your own human backpack.

The back cracking method below can be done with one other person although the original TikTok poster also has a method that can be done by yourself. So, get ready to start cracking!

Who posted the OG Backpack Back Crack TikTok?

This video was posted on TikTok by a dancer, artist, and a certified Pilates fitness instructor named Megumi Iwama (@megumiiwama_).

Her TikTok account is filled with helpful videos on how to relieve pain in various parts of the body. She is not just smart, talented, and generous with her knowledge, but also full of wit and awesome puns.


When the yeti mic makes an appearance ITS SERIOUS😳😳😳 #bonecracking #backcracks #feelinggood #justforfun #couplethings

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There is also a YouTube account but it is in its early stages with only 304 subscribers. The channel was started during the COVID-19 pandemic as her dance career was put on pause, she used her free time and energy to help people stay fit with stay-at-home workout videos and Pilates.

Check out some of her TikTok or YouTube videos for exercise routines.

Is this actually good for you?

As per Atlantic Brain and Spine website, occasionally cracking your back can soother your back pain and we all know how good it makes you feel.

The sound of the cracks is so satisfying that everyone should try it at least once.

There are no side effects to doing this but if you start doing it regularly then it can cause excessive wear on your joints and it could lead to premature breakdown so cool it with all the back cracking.


Please do this gently and carefully. If there is PAIN stop immediately 🥺 #backpain #backcrackchallenge #pilates #fitnessroutine

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How to crack someone’s back from home

This video shows how you can crack someone’s back. All you have to do is turn around and put your hands behind your head firmly.

Ask someone to turn their back on you and put their hands inside yours and lift you up like slinging in a backpack.

They should be using their lower back and butt to put pressure on your back to crack it. This does not require you to be very strong so you can try it on anyone.

Even singles can get in on the fun…