WATCH: Viral TikTok “If Alexis Rose worked at Moderna/Pfizer” – and hilarious reactions!:

Screenshot from TikTok ac @carrottlime

A TikToker posted a video pretending to be Alexis Rose in a situation where she is working at Moderna or Pfizer and it was loved by millions of people.

It has just been four days and the TikTok video has been seen by 2.5 million already. You should check out what the fuss is all about below.

Who is Alexis Rose?

Alexis is a fictional character in the sitcom called Schitt’s Creek. She is played by Annie Murphy and is one of the main characters of the show.

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The show is about a rich married couple with two kids who suddenly go bankrupt. The only asset left is in an ugly small town called Schitt’s Creek where they have to try to live the way poor people do.

Their struggles are hilarious and the show is worth binge-watching. Alexis can be considered a typical dumb blonde who is into cute and girly stuff and is very shallow. Of course, it just starts that way and she learns a lot of lessons in the six seasons of the show.

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But check out this hypothetical scenario where she is working for a top pharmaceutical company (Moderna or Pfizer) that is selling COVID-19 vaccines and see how she would behave.

About the viral TikTok video

This video was posted by a TikToker named Caroline (@carrottlime) and let’s just say she nailed it.

It was posted on 28 February 2021 and most people think the impression was spot on. Check out the video here…

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Honestly let alexis rose be in charge of vaccine distribution #comedy #fyp #alexisrose #schittscreek #foryou

♬ original sound – caroline🥕🍋

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