TikTok’s trending song “I left all the doors unlocked” explored

Screenshot from YouTube @Justine Skye

Justine Skye’s song “Collide” has a clip with lyrics “I left all the doors unlocked” that is making its rounds on TikTok again.

So let’s check out how to join this trend and the lyrics of the rest of the song. This song is exclusively used in videos where girls put their face on Maddy from Euphoria on TikTok. Check out how that works below.

Lyrics of Collide by Justine Sky and TikTok’s best attempts using “I left all the doors unlocked” song

I been knowing you for long enough
Damn I need you right now
You can take your time, don’t have to rush
This might take us a while, (yeah)
I left all the doors unlocked and you said you’re on your way
When you get here don’t just say a word, got no time to play

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I know you think that you know me
But you ain’t even see my dark side
This is for you only
So baby do me right, do me right


I’ve never seen the show but if they need another actor lmk

♬ collide justine skye – raya/regan

We can go all, the time
We can move fast, then rewind
When you put your body on mine
And collide, collide
It could be one of those nights
But we don’t turn off the lights
Wanna see your body on mine
And collide, collide
Baby it’s all your if you want me, all yours if you want me
Put it down if you want me (tonight)
Said it’s all yours if you want me,all yours if you want me
Put it down if you want me (Let’s collide)

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looks like Ariana for a sec 😭

♬ collide justine skye – raya/regan

Wakin’ up, she on it
Good love in the mornin’
Get on top my cojones
I pleasure you for the moment
This don’t come with no warranty
You want it but can’t afford it
My world is different than your’s
You’re opinion of me is glory
Glorifying in all these foreign
Back to future, and DeLorean
You ain’t used to feelin’ this important
Cars imported, girls imported
In subordinate, get deported
Baby check, my inventory
Gotta whole lot in store for ya
Birkin bags, purple tags
I can out a whole lot of shit on blast
Vera Wang, Ballinciaga
Baby you ain’t never to fly for that
I talk a lot of shit, cause I can back it up
She know I’m the shit, so baby back it up

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I know that this is life when we touch boy
You got my heart
And can’t nobody make me feel like you do, boy like you do
Cause baby we can go